Bellydance with Karen Phillips in Kingston, Ontario

Work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt,

dance like there’s nobody watching.

Karen dancing at Timepieces

Karen Phillips teaches and performs Middle Eastern dance (also called bellydance or belly dance) in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. She offers a regular series of classes, and is available by arrangement for special workshops and performances.

Bellydance is an ancient art form practised in the Middle East and across Northern Africa. The dancer becomes a physical expression of the music; the dance emphasizes graceful, exotic movements, coupled with muscular control. The dance is also an excellent whole-body exercise for people of any age at any level of fitness. Karen’s students have ranged from eight years old to well past sixty. Dancing is great for pregnant women too as it tones the specific muscles used in childbirth. Dance sessions can range from relaxing to vigorously aerobic, depending on the desires of the individual dancer.

You can contact Karen by email at or by telephone at 343-364-5131.