Questions? Karen has answers!

Do you really run continuous classes?

Yes, I run my classes continuously — this seems to suit my students’ varied schedules much better than running fixed sessions. You can come to as few or as many classes as you like in any given week. New students are welcome at any time!

How does payment work?

You can pay by the class, or you can buy a card good for either eight or sixteen lessons at a discounted rate. Payment is by cash or cheque; for current fees, see the classes page. Class cards don’t expire; they’re good until you’ve used up all the classes on them.

What should I wear?

Whatever you wear, make sure it’s comfortable! On your upper body, a short top or dance bra is fine. If you’re not comfortable exposing your belly, wear a clingy t-shirt so you can see what your belly is doing. This helps in learning some of the abdominal moves. On your lower body, wear either stretchy pants or a skirt. This should have a low enough waistline that your abdomen has full mobility, or have a waistband that you can roll down.

It’s helpful to wear something around your hips to emphasize the movement. A bellydance coin belt or a fringed scarf is perfect.

We normally dance in bare feet; however, if you prefer you can wear socks or a pair of soft slippers. Stiff-soled shoes are pretty much impossible to bellydance in.

Jewellery, bangles and jingles are welcome!

What level are your classes?

Both classes are mixed-level and are suitable for both beginning and more advanced dancers. They feature a mix of technique fundamentals and choreographies, adapted to the levels of the participants.

Really? How do mixed-level classes work?

Better than you might imagine! During the warmup part of the class we all do the same moves. When we are working on particular movements, beginners will do the basic technique on its own and advanced students will do either technique variations or the basic technique combined with other movements. For instance, if we’re working on a particular shimmy, the more advanced students might combine this with arm movements or steps.

I always make sure that everyone is working on something appropriate to their level, and that everyone is having fun!

Would you be available to teach a special class for my group?

I can normally accommodate requests for individual classes, as long as we can find a mutually-convenient time that doesn’t conflict with my existing class schedule. I have also taught several eight-week sessions in the local area for different organizations. If you’d be interested, please contact me by email at